Home Healthcare Services


Home healthcare services are personalized heath care and assisted living services for patients who need extended amount of care. In order to be around loved ones in a familiar environment or due to limited mobility, the patient needs in-home care. Even though the most common home healthcare cases are for elderly patients, physically and mentally challenged individuals, postoperative patients, and those who have chronic illness or injuries are also patients who take advantage of these services.

All different types of healthcare workers are involved with home healthcare cases. Doctors make house visits but it is more common for physical therapists and registered nurses to make the rounds and check in on patients. Home healthcare services is one of the fastest growing sectors of the health services industry. United States Department of Labor statistics from 2006 show that nearly 4.3% of the all healthcare workers work as home health aides; this number translates to about 582,000 people. This number, however, is supposed to increase substantially by 2016. Researchers predict to see a 46.9% change of people working in home healthcare services.

Home healthcare aides are wonderful for both the individual in need as well as their families. It can be very difficult caring for your loved one 24 hours a day. Needing to be constantly aware of someone else's wants and needs because they can no longer help themselves is stressful and tiring! Therefore, home healthcare services are as much in need by the families as they are by the patients. These service providers help the patient retain some independence and give the family members time to themselves.